Treeni 9/10

Time to empty the tank! This is the last week before the 20-minute retest. Workout is the exactly the same as week 2 and the goal is to beat your last power/speed and build confidence for the retest next week. I was aiming for a 5% increase from week 2 and was able to beat that goal. Looking forward for the test next week.
Full workout description below ⬇️
-10min warm up (include 3x1min high cadence/stroke rate)
-1x8min @ 90-95%, rest 4min
-4x4min @ 110-120%, rest 4min between
-10min cool down
Goal paces are already 5% higher from week 2 but feel free to speed it up and go faster on the last intervals. There should be nothing left in the tank after this! 💪🏻
Calculate the correct paces from your avg power for the 20-minute test last week. If you used a rower you can first calculate the paces from the watts and then convert it to pace/500m from In case you are doing it by running just use the average speed.
For everyone on the bike I’d recommend to do the recovery parts as an active rest at very easy pace (50-60%). If you are rowing or running I’d recommend to get off the rower and walk around for the recovery period, this will help to flush the legs and keep your form better during the intervals.
Good luck!🔥

Treeni 10/10

It’s time for a retest! We’ve prepared 9 weeks for this and now it’s time to see the progress. This is the last piece of the program and needs to be a full effort!
See the full workout description below.
– 10min warm up (easy pace, include 3x30s high cadence/spm)
– 90s/60s/30s @ target pace, 30s easy between intervals.
– 5 min rest
– 20min test for the best avg power/pace/speed.
– 10min cool down
Goal should be to improve by 5% or more from the test first week. Aim to start the test with 5% higher power and if there’s more in the tank increase the power/speed for the second half.
I will give this a go next week after the Rogue invitational and will share my score then. Please let me know how you did!
Good luck everyone. Go get it! 👊🏻