Treeni 10/10

It’s time for a retest! We’ve prepared 9 weeks for this and now it’s time to see the progress. This is the last piece of the program and needs to be a full effort!
See the full workout description below.
– 10min warm up (easy pace, include 3x30s high cadence/spm)
– 90s/60s/30s @ target pace, 30s easy between intervals.
– 5 min rest
– 20min test for the best avg power/pace/speed.
– 10min cool down
Goal should be to improve by 5% or more from the test first week. Aim to start the test with 5% higher power and if there’s more in the tank increase the power/speed for the second half.
I will give this a go next week after the Rogue invitational and will share my score then. Please let me know how you did!
Good luck everyone. Go get it! 👊🏻